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Courtyard Apartments in Garland shares tips! - Date 03/01/2017

Do you love fruit? Do you love impressing your friends? The next time you have a get-together at your apartment try out these genius fruit cutting hacks.

Top awards for The Courtyard in Garland, TX for 2016 - Date 02/27/2017

This past Saturday we had the fun of joining all of our sister LumaCorp communities for an awards banquet. We enjoy this time to come together and celebrate the customer service mission that LumaCorp embraces, & the success it brings! The Courtyard Team is very proud to show you our awards. We want to thank all of our resident's that help to keep us on our toes and to keep The Courtyard on the top of the charts!! Sincerely, Angie, Vicente, Yasmine, Rosendo and Regional Dandi

You could be a winner at The Courtyard in Garland, TX - Date 02/23/2017

Don't miss your last chance to have your rent paid!

Feel the breeze at The Courtyard in Garland, TX - Date 02/23/2017

Everyone loves an open and breezy living room! Sometimes that can be hard to accomplish with an apartment size living room. We love how The Courtyard is different from so many apartment homes due to all of our homes have windows on both sides of the home. Open your windows today on this beautiful day and enjoy a breeze!! Also, try these tips to make your living room feel larger than it is!

Tips fro The Courtyard in Garland to have your carpet last longer! - Date 02/21/2017

Did you know that not vacuuming often can actually shorten the life expectancy of your carpet? See what you can do to help your apartment “stay healthy”.

Eating healthy at The Courtyard in Garland, TX - Date 02/20/2017

Are you always looking for a healthy easy recipe? I know lots are!! Check out Hungry girl! We found this one that we thought looked good! Let us know what sounds good to you!

The Courtyard in Garland, Texas February 2017 events! - Date 01/30/2017

Join us for some great times at The Courtyard in February!

Stay organized at The Courtyard in Garland, TX!! - Date 01/17/2017

Having trouble keeping your small apartment looking clean and organized? These are some of the best ways to keep that from happening!

Stay Festive after the Holidays! - Date 01/16/2017

Even though the holidays are over, these beautiful winter decorating ideas for your apartment will keep you in a festive mood!

The Courtyard in Garland, TX shows you how to spruce things up quickly! - Date 11/12/2016

Last minute get together at your place? Don’t panic, use this quick guide to have your apartment ready for guests in just 20 minutes!